Jewish Board of Family and Child Services

The Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services is a 110 year old organization responsible for mental health as well as social service for the Jewish community. It is the largest non-profit organization with about 175 programs in 80 locations. They are based out of New York and cater to the needs of about 65,000 New Yorkers annually.

The Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services (JBFCS) has seven divisional boards. They are Professional Development & Training, Adults Living with Mental Illness, People Living with Developmental Disabilities, Children & Adolescents in Residence, Early Childhood & Learning, The Clinics and Jewish Community Services.

The members of the board meet once every three months to plan and execute various programs. These programs are planned by donors, volunteers, leaders, members and cheerleaders. The events or programs are designed to help raise funds and to help keep in touch with their clients.

There are about 2,000 volunteers and 2,200 employees working for Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services. Most of the employees are licensed psychologists and psychiatrists. There are also professional social workers and other clinical support personnel taking care of the day and residential treatment centers.

The JBFCS is under the leadership of Paul Levine who is the Executive Vice-President and CEO, while Leonardo I. Rodriguez is the Deputy Executive Vice-President of the organization. JBFCS also established Rita Markus Training Institute in 1999. The purpose of the institute is to train workers and supervisors in JBFCS.

The institute has also trained over 18,000 people and offers training for staffs working in schools and other places. JBFCS has also started Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services Center for Trauma Program Innovation in the year 1998. The center develops innovative programs to handle the trauma associated with disasters and terrorism. The center also promotes programs to address the issues of social and community violence. The organization is certainly growing in popularity with every passing day.


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