Purpose of the Jewish Board of Family and Child Services

The Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services (JBFCS) has a mission of serving people who are in need. They have number of mental health and social service programs to cater to the needs of people irrespective of age, economic or social status. Each division of Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services has a mission to reach out to different sections of people.

For example, under the Early Childhood and Leaning division, they have the Child Development Center (CDC) which cater to children between one and half years and seven years of age. The aim of this division is to help children with delays in communication, motor development and play skills. They also have programs to help children with disorders in behavior and social adjustment.

JBFCS also provides social service through their ten residential facilities which cater to children and adolescents aged between six and twenty one. There are about 400 children with severe emotional and psychological problems. Their mental health clinics cater to about 11,000 outpatients annually and they also provide counseling for young children.

Under the division of People Living with Developmental Disabilities, there are about 150 people residing in Brooklyn and Westchester centers. These people have different developmental disabilities and the center has specific programs to help them.

The training and professional development division provides a platform to share information of best practices in mental health and social service. This is achieved by publications, conducting classes, residential programs and internship. JBFCS also have specialized programs for Jewish community.

These are administered through trained social workers who visit the concerned people to provide counseling or support of any kind necessary. The JBFCS has also treated more than 1,200 adults with serious mental illness. They provide residence for homeless adults and young people by moving them out to foster homes.


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